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Warren’s World

  • Unanticipated consequences

    By Warren Miller on January 14, 2015
    In the mid-1950s there was a Sun Valley ski patrolman featured in my annual ski film. I had movies of him rocketing down the Christmas Bowl Ridge towing a toboggan. After the audience got used to his high speed I casually mentioned that he only had one leg. I was surprised the next morning when the telephone rang in my […]
  • Wanderlust

    By Warren Miller on December 30, 2014
    In January of 1946 I was skiing at Badger Pass and staying at the Yosemite Lodge 12 miles away in the Valley. The accommodations were quite nice. They were 16 foot-tall tents with community showers down the way. It was there that I got the motivation to travel the world with my skis and then later with skis and camera. […]
  • Around the world on skis

    By Warren Miller on December 17, 2014
    The 1950-60s marketing director for Pan-American Airways also was the inventor of a ski training, balancing board called the Bongo Board. Arguably, as many people got hurt trying to balance on that board as the number of weekend ski accidents in Vermont. In New York City one afternoon, Stan Washburn suggested that I ride Pan-American Airlines around the world and […]
  • The low cost of a lift ticket 

    By Warren Miller on December 3, 2014
    By Warren Miller ·    Anyone who has ever spent more than $2.50 to buy a rope tow ticket should be delighted at weather report calling for snow. At least I hope so for all those hardy skiers who are willing to take their rock skis out at the beginning of the season. I write a lot about the price […]
  • The 10th Mountain Division: Veteran Skiers 

    By Warren Miller on November 19, 2014
    By Warren Miller ·    Veterans Day was on Nov. 11 and it’s time to take a moment and think about the men and women who fought a war that’s virtually been forgotten in today’s chaotic world. In the winter of 1941, the Italians lost 25,000 soldiers in the mountains of Albanian because of lack of winter warfare training, physical […]
  • Ski fever

    By Warren Miller on October 29, 2014
    by Warren Miller ·   Recent discussions regarding addictions made me think about them and realize that there are good ones and bad ones. Regarding the more positive ones, in the 1950s, ski fever spread across North America and Central Europe relentlessly. It was easily spread and in many cases incurable. The fever was sometimes caught by simply watching one […]
  • You want your ski? Go get it

    By Warren Miller on October 15, 2014
    By Warren Miller ·  I have been asked many times if I could start a film company today and make it grow like it did when I started in 1950, with a borrowed 16mm camera and $100 from each of four friends to start the company. For years there was a great television show called “Candid Camera” in which the […]
  • Forget about inflation

    By Warren Miller on October 1, 2014
     By Warren Miller ·  While finishing up my autobiography recently, I decided to include some of my old cartoons from a book I published in the summer of 1947. It’s called “Are My Skis on Straight?” Two cartoons in particular pointed out rather clearly what inflation has done to skiing. When Ward Baker and I walked through the Challenger Inn […]
  • Stein Eriksen, the Pied Piper of skiing

    By Warren Miller on September 24, 2014
    By Warren Miller ·  My friendship with Stein Eriksen goes back to the mid-1950s when he first appeared on the American ski scene as the ski school director at Boyne Mountain, Mich. The owner and developer of Boyne Mountain, Everett Kircher, was proud of the fact that he was paying Stein more money than any other ski school director in […]
  • Spreading the love of skiing

    By Warren Miller on September 17, 2014
    By Warren Miller · It was an extremely cold, winter night in downtown Boston. It was 20 degrees out, with the wind gusting about 20 mph when I slipped and almost fell on the icy sidewalk. Years of experience showing my ski films in this part of the country had prepared me for the auditorium probably not even being half-full […]